my mom

my mom
a picture of my mother first diagnosed in 2000

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Love is

Love is patient, love is kind, love endures all things, hopes all things, believes all things, love conquers all. I've heard this mainly with romantic relationships, but I think it can be used for all types of relationships. When I think of this common phrase, I think of all the love a mother has for her daughter. Having a daughter of my own, I know how it feels to have your daughter look at you with such amazement. It's the same look I give my mother when she endures chemo. I think about how if that were me going through it, I don't think I would have latest as long as my mother. She has a high pain tolerance, where I do not. I wish at times I was more like her. I admire and cherish all she has taught and given me. This was the first christmas she bought me a present. Usually we don't because its all about the kids, but this year she surprised me. Its those surprises that reassure me her love is always with me. Despite any regrets, love endures a lot. My one regret is always having to be strong in front of her, when I really feel like curling up in a ball in her lap like I did when I was a child. Its the hardest thing not to cry in front of someone. I wish I could cry to her and tell her how much it hurts me to see her in pain. But I cannot, because its what I've been forced to believe by family. A moment of weakness will worry her. I can only believe and hope that at the end love will conquer over ovarian cancer.

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